Love and Friendship


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Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. Some are soul nourishing and last a lifetime, and some only a moment.  Some are heart wrenching and just like the former, can be a short blip on the radar or a relationship that ebbs and flows over the course of your life.

But whether it builds you up or breaks you down, lasts one day or 60 years, the impact can vary and stays with you. It leaves a print on your heart.

I cherish my friendships and enjoy keeping people in my life.  Although there are some people that I have chosen to let go, or they chose to let me go, I try my hardest to keep in communication with the people I have come to love.  Once you’re in my heart, you stay there.

Over the past few moths I have had the chance to reconnect with many people I hold dear. It’s fascinating to me how our relationships have grown and changed.  How much we have grown and changed as individuals. At various times in my life, these women have been my closest confidants – the people that have lifted me up and kept me going.

These women could not be more different.

One woman is a very successful publicist, another is a teacher, a writer/photographer, a sourcing manager, a nutritionist, an award winning producer, a lawyer, an office manager, and an entrepreneur.  Some of these women are single, dating, married, divorced, mothers – they come in all shapes and sizes – all social classes and backgrounds.

What fascinates me most about these women and our relationships is that they are ever-evolving. There comes a time when you naturally drift away.  For one reason or another, life and circumstance and personality-changes take you in different directions.  It can take weeks or months or years to reconnect, but when you do it is so so sweet.

I am currently at a place in my life where I genuinely want what is best for the people in my life.  I want what is best for them, not what I think is best for them.  I suppose one might call this maturity or real-love or growing-up.

When I look back at the relationships that have drifted apart, it’s because we could no longer relate to one another. We clung to the idea of the friend we knew and couldn’t support the new version our friend was growing into.  We were unwilling or unable to accept the evolution.  We didn’t realize that we needed to nurture the relationship in order to keep in growing.

What’s happened now is a true metamorphosis.


In all of the relationships I mentioned above, we have a shared joy for the success in the other person’s life.  We are proud to watch one another grow and change and become the person their soul is longing to be.  We have laid down the bullsh*t and chosen to really love each other. We have become their biggest cheerleader, instead of their biggest critic and “protector.” We understand that we all lead our own path and trust that if our relationship is on hiatus, we will one day reconnect and in that place, be stronger than we ever were.

We cannot and should not expect or want our loved ones to stay just as they are today.  People are meant to grow. Evolve. Change. Learn. Thrive.

I feel so very blessed to have the amazing women in my life that I have today.  And one of the greatest blessings is not only the wonderful women I have met over the past five years, but also the women I have known and have had the fortune to grow and reconnect with over the years.

To all of my friends past, present and future: I love you.


Miss Erin Terese




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